Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today's Mistake

Was buying movie tickets at when I spotted this, thought it was too cute not to share...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today's Britney Spears Award Goes to:


In a quickie divorce that would have left even Britney Spears gasping "If You Seek Amy (Or is that "You"?)", Roslin Hashim has hit a new high (not in the badminton arena, mind you. That ship sailed ages ago) by divorcing his wife, Faizah Mohamad within a buck-toothing 12 DAYS of marriage. Sources say that he divorced her because he wasn't getting any respect from her. Ironically, Roslin had not been getting any respect from the Badminton Association of Malaysia, his opponents, his coach and Malaysian badminton fans in general for years. Investigatons are under way to determine if Faizah indeed had disrespected him by laughing at him in training, during a match, or just refusing to smash his shuttlecock.
Other sources say that Roslin divorced Faizah upon seeing younger brother Hafiz's descent into mediocrity due to getting married and having a baby. He feared he would be going down a similar route. What Roslin failed to note was that Hafiz became a shite player immediately after the winning the All-England Championships.
Hence, the Britney Spears Award goes to Roslin Hashim for one of the fastest divorces in Malaysian history. While Roslin would have preferred to win the "Most decorated Malaysian badminton player", "Fastest badminton smash in Malaysian badminton history" or the "Highest earning Malaysian badminton player in history" award, he will have to be satisfied with an "Atukship" from the BAM, who incidentally suffered from a bout of "Atukship" themselves when they once forgot to register Roslin for four badminton tournaments. (For the record, Roslin wanted to sue the BAM for damaging his livelihood by preventing him from winning some prize money in those tournaments when they failed to register him. He decided not to sue BAM after seeking his lawyer's advice, who told him in no uncertain terms: "Forget it, you have NO CHANCE", it was later revealed that his lawyer was referring to Roslin winning prize money in a tournament, not the court case.)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ever Notice? (The call button on MAS airplanes)

On my flight back from Kelantan, a baby started crying like a...well, like a baby just as the plane landed. While said baby was wailing away, I was fidgeting around looking for the call button, you know, the one that looks like this:

in order to get the stewardess to give a new sucker to the baby (because the current ones were not doing the job well enough). I was seated on the seat furthest from the window (the third one from the window), and it dawned on me that MAS planes have their call buttons so far up the ceiling that you would have to stand up, struggle and lean in an awkward way just to reach it. I don't think I'm that tall, but I'm not exactly Danny Devito, either. Anyway, I don't know if it's done on purpose, but all I'll say is that having the button s high up (I was sitting in economy class) was probably meant to annoy you. 'Cos if you really think about it, having to stand up and struggle to push the button is almost the same as getting up from your seat and walking towards the stewardess. So, the next time I want a drink or some service from the stewardess, I'll just stick to the old-fashioned "IS THAT A BOMB IN YOUR SHOE, MATE?!". Gets them rushing over every single time...

Update: Finally received the cheque (see previous post)! I don't know if POS Malaysia takes the term "snail mail" more literally than I do, but what I CAN tell you is that cheque was sent out on the 17th, POS Malaysia received it (or rather, started processing it) on the 19th and I received it today, on the 24th. Considering that the company who mailed me the cheque is in Puchong, they could have walked from their office to my house in Kota Damansara and probably arrive before the cheque does. What say you, POS Malaysia? Last I checked, they were still mailing a reply to me...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today's Mistake: Pos Malaysia

I don't know what's goin' on over at Pos Malaysia, but I have reason to believe that someone in there is out to get me. By depriving me of the 50 clams I made via freelancing. It's really weird, 'cos the first time the check was sent, it arrived in like, two days. I got Sue of Actualize Sdn Bhd to cancel the first cheque (since it never arrived) and issue a new one, but signs are point to the second cheque getting cancelled too. I'm at a loss to explain how that cheque just ain't turning up, and am starting to wonder if I'll never get those 50 clams or if Pos Malaysia has gone to the dogs. Either way, it's bullshite and I am not happy. Screw you, Pos Malaysia. You will be officially un-screwed ONLY after I receive my cheque in the mail!!!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Today's Mistakes

Not mine (well not yet, at least), but people's mistakes heard on the radio today:

Red FM's "Big Red Hard One" question: "What is light as a feather, but no man can hold it for long?"

Answers (mistakes) heard:
a) Your bladder
b) Snow
c) Air
d) Your ego
e) Hair

Of course, the correct answer is "Your breath", which I would have called in and answered had I not made the mistake of not paying attention when the the Red announcers gave out the telephone number to call. Oh, but then again calling in while driving would have been a mistake too, wouldn't it, Officer? *stares at hobo adjacent to him in lock-up*

Bonus: Mistake spotted in Seri Pacific KL (wish I had taken a picture, my mistake!) - posted in the elevator for "Xuang Xi" chinese restaurant:

Try our delicious beancard.

Today's mistake

Decided to name new blog mistakeaday, worried that people may think this blog is dedicated to famous accidental births in history. Too late to turn back, so will maintain this name for now.

bonus: second mistake - tried to sleep in room without switching the air-cond on. Didn't get much sleep, instead felt hot and bothered.