Friday, May 29, 2009

I Love Stories with Potentially Happy Endings!!!


Daughter of snatch-theft victim vows to seek revenge

KUALA TERENGGANU: The daughter of a snatch-theft victim has vowed to seek revenge against the thief who injured her mother, even to the extent of engaging a bomoh.
“I will not leave him alone, he ought to be taught a lesson for this inhumane act,” said Nur Aqidah Nasffati Abdul Jalil, 23, outside Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital where her 45-year-old mother was being treated for multiple facial and body injuries.
Housewife Mazlina Nawang, 45, was on her way home in Mengabang Panjang, Batu Rakit from work at a laundry outlet when she fell prey to a snatch thief.
Mazlina was riding her motorcycle when she stopped at a traffic-light junction near her home at about 11am.
The thief who was also riding a motorcycle, seized the handbag that was slung on her left shoulder.
Mazlina put up a struggle, and the thief then kicked her motorcycle causing her to fall.
Despite bleeding from her cuts and lying on the roadside, Mazlina continued to cling on to her handbag while the thief tried to pull it from her.
The suspect fled empty-handed when a group of people ran towards him.
Passers-by rushed Mazlina to the hospital.
Nur Aqaidah said she received several calls informing her that her mother was injured in the incident at about 12pm.
But there was an anonymous caller who gave me the registration number of the suspect’s motorcycle and I will track him down at all cost, even if I have to go to the extent of seeking the help of a bomoh,” she said.
Nur Aqaidah said she strongly believes the suspect was a local and had trailed her mother for some time.
“My mother works hard to supplement our family’s income and seeing her in this condition breaks my heart,” she said in a furious tone.
Nur Aqaidah later lodged a police report while the hospital employees handed over her mother’s handbag which contained documents and RM500 to her.

Dear Miss Nur Aqaidah, I promise you that if I run into the snatch thief, I will run him down with my car. But I won't kill him, I'll leave that pleasure to you :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lesson of the Day


When I was in Singapore for a seminar ('bout a month ago), I was glancing through the "Recently Opened Documents" on the *bleep* laptop and was quite shocked to see the list of video titles whoever used the laptop before me had been viewing.

While I have no right to question his or her personal taste;'s fine if you wanna do your personal stuff on the company laptop, but for goodness' sake, clear your damn trail!!! Imagine if I'd been showing something to a client using this laptop and he saw this shite >.<

Please...use your company laptop for personal use, but DON'T leave proof of where you've been or what you did! It's soooooo embarassing, okay!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oral-Me, Anyone?

Was mucking about in Giant when I saw this. Not even sure if it's a legit trade mark (Anyone from *bleep* care to comment?) but I just love the bit that says "Oral-Me, my choice"! Whose choice is it indeed, the giver or the recipient?! ahahahahhaha

Oral-Me, why don't you! hahahahahaha

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Your Opinion Plz

It's been brought to my attention that someone took it upon himself/herself to spread the gospel that is my blog (well, portions of it, the fun bits that is) to the senior management in my current place of employment. Well, aside from being flattered that there are people who are such big fans of me that they would take the trouble to look me up, it did make me ponder:

1) Sure, there's no excuse for my raving and ranting about work on my blog, which for all intents and purposes is still meant to be a diary of my private thoughts. And yes, I do realize *bleep* is paying my salary, so where do I get off ranting about work like that, right? Which is why I made some changes and "censoring" of the more "bitter" posts. Because I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong. Score: Me 0 Someone 1

BUT of course, it doesn't just end there...

2) I make no apologies for the fact that I am only human and need some way to channel my negative feelings when I'm not my usual, happy self. I'd be lying if I told you that I never feel unhappy. Just like that someone would be lying if he or she told you that they copied my blog posts and forwarded it around because they had good intentions (yes, keep telling yourself that) . And when stress levels hit all-time highs (the buildup to our big event at KLCC on Apr 23-26 reeeeaally helped for that one), what, did you think I'd just laugh it off and feel good about myself? Of course I chose to rant. Like any other normal person out there, I need some place or some way to voice out my deepest, darkest thoughts just to feel a little better, even for a little while. Whether I was using the right channel is a different matter. What I'd like to point out is that because I'm neither a God nor a Prophet, I need to vent. You can give me the sermon about how it's better to vent by counting to 10 or remembering God AFTER I've done my venting, okay? Score: Me 1 Someone 1

3) To Mr/Ms Someone, I'm not angry or even annoyed at what you did. BUT, I must let you know that I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED in you. As a (presumably) older, senior and (presumably) wiser person, your actions have just confirmed to me what I always feared but didn't want to believe about the *bleep* sector. That it's people like you...who have nothing better to do except run background checks on new young executives who join the *bleep*...who instead of trying to understand the younger generation (yes, that would be ME) chooses instead to be an old fuddy duddy and fall into the trap of a typical *bleep* worker, by stirring up gossip and making me the topic of discussion because you're too darn busy twiddling your thumbs when you should be, who instead of carefully reading my blog posts and taking note of the mood swings I have, only chooses to notice the "bitter" parts and then go around forwarding them as you sit on your high horse and think "Oh, I'm holier than thou", who chooses to stick your nose into other people's business because you're jealous that I came into the organization (which you've probably been in for far too long and should have been retired anyway) as a young, brash and smart punk, while you conveniently forgot that a long time ago, you were young (but probably not as smart nor good-looking) too. Congratulations, because while my angry blog posts only represent the young generation (hell, we swear a lot, we get angry a lot, why not try to emphatize with us instead of just dismissing us as aimless morons for once?!), your behaviour is symptomatic of the "dengki" culture in the *bleep*. You've proven yourself to be extremely jealous, insecure, severely uneducated, very very petty, lacking a sense of humour and worst of all... Me 2 Someone 1

3) You've proven yourself to be a walking cliche. So, now that you've dug out the dirt on me, what happens next? You give me the evil eye everytime you see me? You're gonna spike my coffee? Report to the boss what an a-hole I am? Spread nasty stories about me? You can do whatever the hell you want, I don't CARE. Unlike you, I will not stoop to your level. Besides, karma has a funny way of evening things out. Next thing you know, you'll be spreading vicious rumours about the new guy/girl who just joined *bleep* whom you're jealous of because he's/she's younger than you, or has a better salary, or is annoying you because she's super hot and pretty. It won't matter to a person like you. For you, there's ALWAYS a reason to start or spread something, right? It's the *bleep* mentality at work, right? Me 3 Someone 1

4) Mr/Ms Someone, didn't it occur to you that you could have contacted ME for clarification instead of getting senior management to gang up and form an "opinion" of me? I imagine that you can think for yourself, right? What exactly did you hope to achieve by going around promoting my blog posts like that? If you wanted to know how come my English is so awesome, you could've come straight to me, I would've taught you all that I could. Alas, I forgot. For people like you, reasoning is not an option. Me 4 Someone 1

5) I actually thought of making my blog PRIVATE, because of you, Mr/Ms Someone. But then I realized, even if I made it as private as possible, for certain friends only, one way or another it could still be copy-pasted around (but at least my friends would be doing it by accident, unlike you, someone). But then I realized, WHY should I privatize my blog? I have a right to write anything I want on my blog, that's why its called a blog. And NO, I will not privatize my blog because I have every right to keep it PUBLIC. And just to make the masses of *bleep* happy, let me clarify that YES, I was very unhappy here when I started, and YES preparing for *bleep* Day drove me to the very edge of my patience and stress levels (Senior management [the credible, honest ones] will agree with me here) and YES, when I was at my angriest, I wrote bitter blog posts about my job. It wasn't the smartest thing to do, but HELL YES I felt good writing them. Between writing nonsense on my blog and jumping out the 29th floor of *bleep* building, I'll take the former over the latter anytime. Me 5 Someone 1!

To say that I have lost all form of respect for you would be an understatement. Now, take a moment...go look at yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself:

Me? I'm just a guy who writes EXACTLY how he feels because that's the ONLY way I know how to do it. I know what my answer is. What's yours?

Zulbull says: I'm not so stupid to deny that politics doesn't happen in the private sector. Hell, I've heard and seen my fair share of stories when I was in Nestle and WK. All the gossips, all the scandals, all the "Oh, he's not good", "Oh, she is trouble because", "Do you know why he/she", etc, etc. But that someone's behaviour really cements my opinion on politics in the *bleep* sector. We have got a long, long, loooooooooooooong way to go before changes can be seen in this country. Persons like the one who picked on me are proof of this. Classic example of "Tak ada kerja lain (Nothing better to do)".

I know you saved my blog link, Mr/Ms Someone. Do try to dignify yourself by responding to this post. Although as far as I'm concerned, I have totally lost any form of respect for you. Knowing your cowardice, I won't hold it against you if you leave an anonymous comment. It would be more cowardly of you if you DIDN'T leave a comment. Your move...

(Yes, go run and complain to the boss. Show yourself to be the one having a problem, creating a storm in a teacup and causing trouble when there isn't any, thereby proving my point.)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Never Back Down

Not Even in The Face of Armaggedon.

(Rorschach, just before he was blown to pieces by Dr Manhattan)
Who watches the Watchmen?