Monday, December 14, 2009

Malaysia Boleh! We made it into again! Woo hooooooo!!!

Promoting the General Welfare in Malaysia:

The government of the state of Terengganu initiated a campaign in November to halt the growing divorce rate by offering pre-marital classes in sensuality. Also, because newlyweds have identified spousal body odor and ugly pajamas as turn-offs, the government invited cosmetics firms and lingerie sellers to improve their offerings. [Indo Asian News Service, 11-2-09]

The chairwoman of the family and health committee of Malaysia's Kelantan state suggested in October that male legislators should take, as additional wives (permitted under Islam), some of the 16,000 unmarried mothers now dependent on state support. [Reuters, 10-29-09]

Monday, December 7, 2009

My HAHAHA moment of the day!


In August, the Thorpe Park amusement facility in Chertsey, England, posted signs on its roller coaster admonishing riders not to wave their arms during the ride. According to director Mike Vallis: "We've found that when the temperature tops 77 degrees (F), the level of unpleasant (underarm) smells can become unacceptable, and we do receive complaints." [Daily Telegraph, 8-18-09]