Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Nightmare in real life

Taken from The Star's LONDON LOG By CHOI TUCK WO

A loving husband kills his wife of 40 years while asleep.
IT was, as one psychiatrist was quoted as saying, a perfect storm.
The tragic tale of Brian Thomas who strangled his wife while dreaming he was fighting off an intruder makes for heart-rending reading.
Who could have imagined that a loving husband could actually kill his wife of 40 years while asleep?
For many, it may seem utterly illogical that the 57-year-old man was able to walk free from the court after the prosecution withdrew the charge against him.
Of course, nobody is questioning the prosecution’s decision that there would be no purpose in sending him to a psychiatric hospital.
But amid the torrent of claims and counter-claims over the husband’s chronic sleep disorder, the case has thrown up a myriad of disturbing questions.
One key point that has attracted considerable debate is why did he not sleep in another room after he stopped taking medication for his condition?
For all intents and purposes, to stop taking his medicine regardless of the reason can be seen as little more than an act of criminal negligence.
Even as we watched this extraordinary episode unfold before our eyes, the only one who truly knows what happened is probably the husband.
But whatever the courts could have done to him won’t be nearly as bad as to what he has to live with for the rest of his life.
Yes, the man has been punished enough. To know that he has killed the love of his life – even if he had no control over it – will haunt him for a long time to come.
What a terrible thing to have to live with, especially the thought that he had killed his wife and how could he face life without her.
Being a devoted husband, he must have been absolutely heartbroken to know that his decision to stop his medication was probably the catalyst in his wife’s death.
Hopefully, Thomas is continuously monitored and cared for by his immediate family members and can move on with his life.
Perhaps the moral of the story is to try live a healthier lifestyle and to keep away from drugs as much as possible.
But it’s easier said than done in this day and age when we continuously stuff ourselves with so-called food filled with preservatives and additives.
At the end of the day, there seems to be more than a grain of truth in the adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”
Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables has numerous health benefits and can significantly reduce the risk of chronic illnesses.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Lessons for The Day

again, from my favourite! :)

Another Driver Poor at Multitasking: A German truck driver in his 30s crashed his 18-wheeler near Boras, Sweden, in September, and though not seriously hurt, was pinned, immobile, in the wreckage. When rescuers and police first saw him, they noted that the trapped driver's genitals were exposed and that his hand was clasped in his genital area. [The Local (Stockholm), 9-24-09]

Embarrassing: Zach Schultz of Denver became the most recent victim of wind, costing him his car. While driving down Colorado Boulevard in July, he tossed a lit cigarette out the window, but it landed in the back seat and set the car on fire, and he was not able to save it. [KMGH-TV (Denver), 7-16-09]